It’s August 2020.  The pandemic has been affecting our lives for about six months.  At first the limitations, shortages, inconveniences and alterations were sort of novel. I wondered how long I could go without grocery shopping. Maybe I would enjoy a break from some of my activities and commitments. The novelty soon wore off as the national tragedy of illness, death, joblessness and long lines for food became everyday, expected and nothing new.  And what about my life? No worship service, no yoga class, no book clubs, no cooking group, no Bible study group, no live opera or ballet.

And now? I have several masks. I pick up groceries curbside. I order everything from cat food to vacuum cleaner bags from Amazon. I read on my iPad.  If I gather with a few friends, we sit socially distanced outside. I pick up “drive through” communion on Sunday.

Yes, I’ve adjusted, but at what cost? All of the activities that used to fill my weeks involve relationships. If we ever get Covid 19 to a manageable level, will we all be able to reclaim those relationships?

I’ve never been much of a social media person, but maybe this is the time to become familiar with my Facebook page, to add new friends there. Should I consider tweeting? Would anyone read my tweets? I’m sure staying in touch is important even if it’s from a distance. Guess I’ll send someonen a text, or how about a phone call?

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