Unlike my sister, I never forget my sunglasses.  I had some “work” done recently and have been unable to exercise for about a week.  I was able to return to walking last week and have not missed a day since.  I worked out with a personal trainer for about 4 years, I was trying to get in shape for our daughter’s wedding, and then kept at it because our two sons got married the following summer.  (Was trying to have decent arms for the sleeveless dresses.)  I quit last October because I seemed to have other things that needed me more, grandbabies, and it was rather time consuming.  Like the bikram yoga, you had to shower afterwards.  I do miss it.  The trainer was excellent, and I believe his training has enabled me to do things with the babies that I might have struggled with otherwise:  like getting up off the floor holding an infant, carrying a 2 year old everywhere because she wants me to, carrying both toddlers because they want their SuSu.  Impossible to resist that request!  Anyway, I do realize that walking is great, but something else is required to keep the other muscles going.  I’m not sure what I am going to do, maybe yoga.  I considered joining a gym but I visited one that opened near my house and could tell pretty quickly that I would not utilize it.  If anyone has ideas about this, please share.  And at some other time I will share about the “work” that I had done.

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