Vegetable Gardening


Last September I leased a 10 x 10 garden plot.  I’ve done quite a bit of gardening, but I’ve never grown vegetables because I have very little sun in my yard.  My friend and I attempted to grow seeds in those tiny “plantable” containers.  I had them on a table on my patio.  Some had begun to sprout.  Unfortunately we had a torrential rain which poured off my roof onto the table (and seedlings) and washed most of them away.  A disaster!  Next we bought plants at a feed store.  I bought lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, radicchio, kale and several herbs (thyme, oregano, parsley, cilantro and mint).  I also tried planting seeds directly into the soil because I couldn’t find the plants.  With the help of my sisters we planted everything except the mint which we left in a pot.  Like all of my gardening efforts I’ve met with some success and several failures.  The spinach seeds did not come up.  Some critter ate the kale.  The carrots and beets should have been thinned.  (Next time.)  I had too much lettuce.  How much lettuce can a person eat?  The greatest success has been with the herbs and radicchio which isn’t a vegetable that’s on everyone’s list of favorites.  I’ve harvested some broccoli and several heads of radicchio, and yesterday I pulled up three beets.  I’m hoping to get some cabbage.  We’ll see.

When the fall/winter garden disappears, I have several packets of poppy and larkspur seeds to scatter.  I’m looking forward to enjoying a showy plot before it’s time to shop for summer vegetables.



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