2017 Resolutions


Does everyone think of things they would like to do differently in the new year?  The beginning of another year does have the feeling of a fresh start and making positive changes.  Here’s my list:

1.  Practice yoga every day.  I received the book, Yoga As Medicine, for        Christmas which led me to this resolve.  Walking a couple of miles daily has become a habit for me.  Even though I’ve been attending a yoga class twice a week, I’d like the practice of yoga to become a daily habit as well.

2.  Always have fresh flowers in my home.  During the holiday season I’ve had poinsettias, amaryllis and a Christmas cactus which I received last year.  It survived to bloom again!  I also cut camellia blossoms out of my yard.–I tried to find those with long stems.  Also, throw the flowers out when they’ve wilted.  Nothing more depressing than sad flowers and stinky water.  Let me replace those camellias right now!

3.  Live a little more elegantly.  I have beautiful crystal, silver and dishes.  What am I saving it for?  Presentation, even for myself, is important.

4.  Have cosmetic eyelid surgery.  My eyelids are drooping!  Is there a stronger word?  Sagging?  Over hanging?

5.  Share my home with more friends more often.  I enjoy visiting in a small groups.  This means I need to keep certain things on hand:  soft drinks, beer, wine, cheese, crackers, etc.  (I’ll try not to eat and drink it all.)

6.  Post to this blog regularly.  I did a poor job of that in 2016, but I resolve to do better.  I’ve already thought of the next topic.

Wow! 2017 is going to be a very good year.  I’m looking forward to it.



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