Happy New Year


It’s resolution time again.  I’ve been thinking about my resolutions for 2016.  I resolve to post something in this blog every week!  Our categories include exercise, fashion, food & drink, gardening, life long learning, mental/spiritual and aesthetics.

For some reason I’m interested in fashion as the new year begins.  I’ve recently purged my closet, determined to remove items that I haven’t worn because they are no longer becoming (sleeveless), out of style or too worn and tired looking.   I also got rid of several pairs of shoes that were uncomfortable or dated (huge cork wedges which I loved).  One of our original goals was to buy fewer clothes but better clothes and to wear only becoming colors.  (See post titled Living Well.)   I guess I can resolve again to follow that advice.

I’ve recently read that we are wise to base our wardrobes on one dark neutral color:  black, navy, brown, charcoal, deep olive, taupe.  A good neutral isn’t trendy, complements your hair and skin and looks great with other colors you like to wear. Black is the most commonly chosen basic color.  It’s easy to find, goes with just about any other color, is slimming, conceals dirt and is a great backdrop for jewelry.  According to Leah Feldon, author of Does This Make Me Look Fat?, if you’re looking for an easy to manage wardrobe scheme, pick a darkish neutral or two that you like and that suit your skin tone and build your wardrobe around them.   You may have done this without realizing it.  What’s the dominant color in your closet? Personally I’m always torn between black and brown.  I wear almost all the dark neutrals though not much navy.  Of course, some seasons some colors are hard to find, but the search could be worth it.  Besides we’re shopping for classic pieces that can be worn for years.–I’m inspired!– Let’s go shopping.



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