Daylilies–One of My Favorites

Great Color!

Great Color!


According to few plants are as rugged, widely adapted, or versatile as daylilies (hermerocallis).   They require little care, multiply freely and tolerate a variety of conditions–full sun to light shade, dry or poor soil.  The colors are myriad:   pale yellow (almost white), gold, orange, bronze, rusty red, purple.  There are many daylily collectors that know the names of their special plants.    While I can appreciate those special blossoms and their often creative names, I’m not a collector.  I value daylilies for their impact on the landscape.  I love the splashes of color that a clump of daylilies adds to the garden.  May is the best month for them in Texas.  I prefer the yellows, bronzes and oranges.  Their blooms are particularly nice when paired with the blue lily of the nile (agapanthus) or plumbago if you have a sunny spot.  I have finally learned that it’s most effective to repeat plants in your garden.  I have daylilies scattered throughout.  They are so rewarding, blooming dependably every year, and since they multiply and need to be divided periodically, there are often plants to share with friends and neighbors. They can be planted at any time of the year but preferably February through April or September and October.  Regrettably the individual blossom lasts only one day (hence the name), but  usually one bloom follows another for a colorful show.  If you don’t already have this great plant in your garden, find someone who does and ask them to share.  I believe the blossoms are edible.  Hmmm, I’m afraid deer may know that too!

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