Christmas 2014

One of the sisters came to celebrate Christmas and also our daughter & her husband from New York. That was very special but in addition we had cousins from down the street & additional cousins from Houston & California. ┬áThe cousin from California is 81vn and the youngest is 14. We also have a baby on the way in May: our daughter & son in-law are expecting. It was a wonderful time. The food was great but it was really the fellowship that made the day so special. We talked about everything imaginable: health, family, faith. It is a unique thing with family that we have a shared history. We were all telling family stories that sometimes were familiar and sometimes not. It didn’t matter so much the content of the stories but that the participants were all known & loved by all. One of the cousins remarked that he really doesn’t have anyone to share so freely with in his circle of friends but he feels so loved and accepted that he can reveal himself more. What a wonderful Christmas gift: that feeling of being loved. But that truly is what Christ came to give to us so how appropriate to experience it at Christmas dinner!

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