Perfect Gifts

Christmas Gifts--Yum!

Christmas Gifts–Yum!


It seems that there comes a time in life when the giving and receiving of consumable gifts seems appropriate and appreciated.  I gave and received those sorts of gifts this Christmas.  I was given tangerines from the Texas valley, pecans from San Saba, Texas, local honey, coffee, homemade apple bread, wine, port, chocolate, tea, hand soaps, a container of narcissus and jars of dip and jam.  I love all of these things!  In turn I gave grapefruit & oranges from the valley,  tamales from a local bakery, toasted pecans, wine, coffee, jam, balsamic vinegar and organic pomegranate juice!

I guess most of my friends and family who are mid-60′s plus, just don’t need or want more things–unless they’re big ticket items which they buy for themselves–a new car, a green egg,  Alaskan cruise or tickets to a Las Vegas or Broadway show.  I sort of like this point in my life.  Certainly things have to be replaced, maintained and updated (bathrooms, kitchens, the house in general,  clothes, shoes, plants in the landscape), but I don’t really need or want to accumulate more objects.  There’s a certain freedom in that circumstance.

Exceptions to the  list of consumable things that one might want to acquire are books, CDs or DVDs. I was very pleased to receive a book on yoga which was on my wish list.  I also purchased an Andrea Bocelli Christmas CD which I’ve enjoyed, and I can’t wait to see the Advanced Style DVD which Susan is bringing for our birthday celebration!

Hmmm, maybe I’m not as free from the desire to acquire things as I thought!  Happy New Year!



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