Drink to Your Health

Becker Vineyards Iconoclast Cabernet Sauvignon

Becker Vineyards Iconoclast Cabernet Sauvignon


From Health:

“The list of wines’ benefits is long—and getting more surprising all the time. Already well-known as heart healthy, wine in moderation might help you lose weight, reduce forgetfulness, boost your immunity, and help prevent bone loss.”

Wow! I’ve enjoyed a glass (or two) of wine in the evening for some time.  I didn’t realize I was drinking to my health.

Others claim that wine consumption lowers the risk of having a stroke, cuts the chance of developing cataracts and diminishes the risk of contracting colon cancer.  This just gets better and better!

There are a lot of wineries in Texas, and many produce good wine.  One of my favorites is Becker Winery which is located in the Texas Hill Country.  Their Iconoclast Cabernet Sauvignon is quite reasonably priced.  Becker Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve is pricier but highly recommended.

I was recently surprised to read that Mexico is listed among the top 10 wine travel destinations. As I read further, I learned that the article was referring to the Guadalupe Valley (Baja California) which is less than two hours south of San Diego.  Wineries, hotels and chefs have teamed up to create a wine route along Route 3.  I hadn’t seen Mexican wines for sale locally, but after a bit of a search I found that they’re sold at a nearby Spec’s.  This location offers two reds and a white.  I plan to stop by and buy a bottle of each–unless they’re exorbitantly priced!


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