The Practice of Yoga



I went to a yoga class last night at a neighborhood church and left feeling very energized. My sister Sarah has been practicing yoga since May and has been encouraging the other two sisters to do this also. She and I have had a few back issues and she believes the yoga has been very therapeutic. She practices a form of yoga called hatha. The class I attended was Iyengar yoga which emphasizes flexibility and involves the use of props which enable the participant to perform the various poses. That means if you are very stiff and inflexible you can use a towel or something to perform the pose without risk of injury. My instructor believes that it is very important to maintain correct alignment, especially as we age, to enable our organs and bones to function optimally. I intend to continue to attend the classes in the hope of increasing my flexibility and balance. I will report on any major breakthroughs: if I am ever able to do the wheel pose, urdhva dhanurasana!

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