Pursuing Fitness


Walked this morning.  That’s good.  Forgot my sunglasses AGAIN.  That’s not so good.  Some of these habits are hard to form!

I’m thinking of checking on a yoga class at the Y or the rec center.  The three of us tried Bikram yoga  a few years ago (90 minutes at 105 degrees), but the drive to the class is pretty far, it’s very HOT and the carpet odor is not inviting.    It’s also terribly time consuming because there’s nowhere you can go but home to the shower after the class; however,  Bikram yoga is a great work out.  Another option is water aerobics at the community pool.  Refreshing but not very demanding. Hmmmm.

Also bought a big bottle of teeth whitening rinse.  I have used it in the past (different brand), but it’s been a while.  It seems like it made my teeth sensitive after a few weeks.  Maybe the tooth paste company has overcome that side effect by now.  We’ll see.

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