Gardening in the Fall

Angel trumpet in the landscape.

Angel trumpet in the landscape.


For most Texans fall is a very welcome season.  That first cool front is invigorating.  The plants perk up too.  Of course fall has its chores in the garden, but getting them done when the temperature is lower is much more pleasant.

Fall is the time to divide and transplant lots of things.  I’ve been digging and dividing daylilies, society garlic and onion chives.  I have LOTS of Louisiana iris which could be shared.  Any takers?  Martha and I have been transplanting Mexican petunia to one of the beds at our church.  We’re also creating a daylily bed there. As always, I’m trying to rid my yard of liriope–and weeds!

Fall is also a time to assess the effects of a long, hot summer on the things I planted last spring.  I’m resolving to avoid planting begonias again.  They are rather fragile and just don’t seem to do well in my garden.  The plant that has really performed well is angelonia.  It tolerates both sun and partial sun locations.  I’m giving pentas a mixed review this year.  It seems like mine were healthier and showier last year.  My native chrysanthemums are covered in buds which are still very tight.  Hurry up!  Another small shrub that is blooming now is shrimp plant.  I prefer the variety that has sort of rusty brown blooms, but the yellow is nice too.  I also have quite a few naked ladies or hurricane lilies (lycoris).  They are always a pleasant surprise when they pop up in the fall.  Oh, that ground cover (green and gold) that I tried this year is doing well.  Hope it spreads.  I will probably plant dianthus and snap dragons for the winter months.  Just waiting for cooler weather which they say is on its way!

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