Ugh! Count Me Out.


One of our readers commented that we wrote about things that we like but didn’t include activities that we don’t like. She listed several things that she enjoys and several that she doesn’t enjoy. That led me to consider what I don’t like or enjoy:
I don’t like competitive events that feature loud vehicles: I have no desire to attend the Indy 500, a nascar race or a tractor pull, but I would like to attend the Kentucky Derby—in a fabulous hat!

I don’t like eating out just for the sake of eating out. I detest paying for a huge portion of poorly prepared or tasteless food—or a small portion either for that matter.

I know many will disagree with this, but I don’t like birds or fish in the house. It seems sort of cruel to me to keep a bird who can fly caged and a fish who can swim the ocean or river contained in a tank.

I don’t like clutter. (I believe this is a trait I inherited from our mother.) Piles of paper, knick knacks, trinkets, collections of figurines, stacks of old movies or paper backs drive me crazy! I’m in two book clubs which means I’m accumulating books.– I’m about to make a donation to the library!

Finally I don’t like oversized things: furniture (Have you seen those chairs, usually with an ottoman, that are almost as large as a love seat?), vegetables (We’re going to eat them not enter them in the county fair!), clothes (rarely flattering) and vehicles (How do you park those monsters?)

Luckily for me all of the above are easily avoided. What’s on your list?

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