A setting for friends.

A setting for friends.


I am continuing with this idea of the importance of things in addition to our health. I really do love to entertain. I think part of why I like to do that is because I am not a perfectionist, so I am fairly comfortable having people over when the house, etc. are not exactly perfect. The whole point is the camaraderie: the delight that being with friends provides. The cookbook author, Ina Garten, has lots of great, useful ideas: don’t serve spinach because it sticks to teeth, purchase some items to make preparation easier, serve dishes that can be prepared ahead of time.  Remember that the goal is to enjoy the company of your friends. We have 2 groups that we get together with quite often & we often share the menus: everyone bringing some part of the meal. It usually works great & no one is overwhelmed. I encourage everyone to take pleasure in eating with friends. That is a wonderful way to enjoy others.  This is one of my favorite menues for a party:

beef fajitas with  extras:  guacamole, queso, sour cream, tomatoes, onions

Pinto beans

guacamole & queso with chips for appetizers

chocolate cake, for dessert

beer, marguerites & tea

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