A good hobby

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Well, I think the most recent post had much merit. Maybe we were emphasizing the wrong things: our appearance. I think that is because it seems it is something we might have a bit of control over. We really can’t control our health but we certainly can do those things that improve our sense of well being. So I am suggesting a wonderful hobby. Is that a bad word? Anyway, bird watching is a passion of mine. It was a real interest for our parents and after they moved to the Golden Triangle in 1960 it was a wonderful activity. The Texas coast is a flyway for lots of migratory birds. If you are interested in birds at all, you will see lots of variety. My friend who lives in the country has invited me out to lunch or dinner several times and one of the charms of their home is the birds. She has several feeders & gets lots of different birds. She has finches, chickadees, titmice, cardinals, jays, doves of course, and sometimes she has painted buntings!!! Wow! Have you ever seen one? That inspired me to pay more attention to the birds in my own yard. I have put up a couple of new feeders with different seed. I may even put out dried mealy worms to attract bluebirds. I encourage you all to watch the birds in your yards. There is something about birds: their colors, their movement, their bright eyes, their presence in our lives that makes them worthy of our interest. I hope someday to go to south Texas to see some of the birds migrating south to Mexico & beyond: hawks, hummingbirds, cranes… What a glorious sight.

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