Smart Phones


Do you know anyone these days that does not own a cell phone?  It is actually hard to imagine how we got along without them for so long. How many of us have cell phones which are “smart phones?”  That means your phone works as a computer enabling the user to do web browsing and run software applications, called “apps.” The 3 sisters all have I-phones, which are smart phones. They come with a lot of apps and you can certainly add more, free or otherwise. You can check the weather, the stock market; there is a calendar, place to keep notes, your contact list which can contain phone, email, street address, etc. And of course the camera is very good and you can quickly and easily send pictures via text or email. If you are one of the readers of this blog that is approaching 70, from before or behind, communication has changed so dramatically. When I was in college we went to the computer lab and had to use punch cards to communicate with the computer. Boy, does that date me!! I do think that it is important to try to stay somewhat current with all the changes that are taking place in the world. I recently had lunch with one of my sons, age 34. He had attended a conference at the University of Texas which was presented by a professor of robotics. He told the audience that a lot of things would be run by robots in the not too distant future and that driverless cars are only 15-20 years away!! I find that a smartphone is a pretty easy way to use current technology without having to take a class. My sisters and I really appreciate the ease of communicating via text messages, and with my two sons, sometimes that is the only way that they will communicate. So we go, onward through the fog!!

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