Appearing in the Second Act


Helena Rubinstein said, “There are no ugly women, only lazy ones.”  I don’t think I’m lazy, but maintaining my appearance as I age, is work.  It takes commitment and discipline, and it’s endless!

I’ve just read a book by Christopher Hopkins, the makeover guy.  You may have seen him on Oprah.  I bought his book, Staging Your Comeback, several years ago.  The three of us had fun figuring out our body types and the body types of others (X, A, Y or O).  After that afternoon, I shelved the book; however, he has much to say about clothes, hair and make-up.  Here are a few of his tips:

  • Dark recedes and light expands.
  • Texture adds mass.
  • Round adds pounds.
  • Shine expands wherever it’s placed.

When trying to select flattering clothing, he suggests aiming to create the illusion that your figure is proportionately balanced by camouflaging the prominent features that you don’t like  and drawing attention to your good features.  He has techniques for dealing with a short neck, narrow shoulders or very broad shoulders, minimizing or maximizing the bustline and minimizing the midsection and derriere.  He’s a big fan of pantyhose and a well-fitting bra.

On the subject of gray hair Christopher writes, “. . .allowing your gray hair to shine through is best held off until it is more than 25 percent white.    Once it’s up to 50 percent white, it’s going to have more punch.”  He also states, “that gray hair is only best when it is ideal for your skin tone.  If you look better in warm tones, gray might not be the best.”  On the subject of hair length, I agree with Christopher’s statement that long hair is only for a select few in the second act.

His section on make-up recommends putting emphasis on the eyes by curling your eyelashes, using mascara and eye shadow (only neutrals, no frosted blues or greens), and he makes a huge deal out of eyebrows!  Having your brows tweezed where you need less and penciled or powered where you need more will make a dramatic difference.  “Next to a good bra, it’s the best thing you can do for a lift.”

I guess my assignment for tonight is to go through my underwear drawer and toss those old bras.  Why am I keeping them?  Then on to the make-up drawer.  I must confess I think I have some blue and green eye shadow.  Surely it’s not frosted!  And I’m feeling very insecure about my eyebrows.

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