Careful Shopping


Martha and I drove to Austin last Tues. to visit Susan.  What do three women do when together?  Shop, shop, shop!  This was our first effort at consciously shopping for quality, age-appropriate, flattering duds.  We had some success.  The shops that Susan chose for us are not filled with 20 and 30 year old buyers.  These shops offer very pricey designer labels but also stock some less expensive lines.– We headed right for the sale rack!  We shunned all sleeveless garments and were careful about color and skirt length.–Of course, it helps to shop with others who can critique what you’re trying!  Martha and I each bought a dress (on sale) that will require Spanks–or liposuction.  We’re planning to wear them to an event that the three of us are attending in Aug.

We did make a wonderful discovery.  We happened upon a sort of undergarment called Sleevey Wonders.  The concept is to provide sleeves to an otherwise sleeveless dress.  None of the Sleevey Wonder is visible but the sleeves which are made of lace, gauze or jersey and come in several colors.  The state of my upper arms had caused me to relegate my sleeveless tops and dresses to the Good Will pile, but thanks to Sleevey Wonders I think I’ve salvaged at least three outfits!  We also began arm exercises which are good but slow in producing results.  Better the quick fix–Sleevey Wonders.



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