Fashion Challenges


By the time most women have reached the age of 40 they know what styles to wear and, more importantly, what not to wear.  I’ve never been able to wear a belted dress (Does anyone remember the shirt waist?) or a blazer or large floral prints.– An image of a walking loveseat comes to mind.

I’ve always liked and worn sleeveless tops and turtle necks; however, at this point in my life I’ve found it necessary to avoid both of those fashion features.  The turtleneck calls attention to a less than taut neck, and a lack of sleeves exposes my upper arms.  What’s going on there?  The inner skin of my arms is crepey and creepy!  When did that happen?

So what is a girl to do?  It seems the only recourse is to shop carefully, choosing styles and colors that are becoming and flattering.  It’s obvious that my choices have narrowed.  I also prefer solid colors, but it seems like manufacturers are using all sorts of colorful prints.—Ugh!  I think the patterns must make it easier to hide construction flaws.  At one time I was a pretty good seamstress.  I’ve got a great pair of scissors and a sewing machine that still works; so I may try sewing again.  Until then I guess I’ll continue to wear a lot of black—with long sleeves and a round neck.

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