When we began this blog there was a list of things that we felt were important and helpful in maintaining our appearances as we got older.  One of those things was a great haircut and color.  Youth allows for all sorts of strange hairstyles & colors, but not so as you get older.  I have been going to the same hairdresser for about 10 years.  Now, I am sure that my natural hair color has changed a bit in that time, but really.  I go every 5 weeks but I never know what color it will be!  I am blonde, or used to be, not sure exactly what my true color is now. Anyway, even though I try to suggest to her that it was a little dark last time, or a little light….I just never know what I will get.  This last time I came out with very brown hair.  I like brown hair, but it was not what I had in mind. Recently, the problem has seemed to escalate.  About 6 months ago she moved her shop to her husband’s used car lot, so maybe she is somewhat distracted?  But she really knows how to cut short hair so what to do?  Well, maybe the mystery of never knowing how my hair color will turn out adds spice to my life and my husband’s.  He has never said he prefers brunettes, but he does notice my haircut if I come home with dark hair.

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