Streamlining…. I think it may be time.  I am referring to the process of paring back or down-sizing one’s possessions, and simplifying one’s lifestyle.   I like the word “streamlining” because it implies  changes that make things breezier, fresher and even sleek.  The simplicity of Feng Shui comes to mind.

The saying “less is more” really is true, but it runs counter to the way I have done things for a very long time.  The benefits of donwnsizing or simplifying is not new thinking,  it is well documented in articles and books.   I am just late to the party!

Very recently I heard a minister tell an anecdote about a young man “possessed by his possession”, a glamorous MGB GT  sports car, and how upon eventually totaling it and having to replace it with a dented used car he experienced freedom.

Perhaps the desire to pursue this process of streamlining is a characteristic of my age group, “approaching 70″.   And, I suppose that since this aging process is inevitable, I will try to embrace the freedom of a simpler lifestyle!

So, this should keep me very busy….where to begin?




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