Family vacation


I just returned from a week long vacation spent at a beach house with my family. There were 11 of us, and  we ranged in age from 13 months to sixty- something.  It was great fun!  I highly recommend sharing a house, cottage or cabin with your family if logistics allow.  It seems to be the best way to experience the grandchildren and my own children again.  There were tears, spills, and searches for lost flip-flops or sunglasses at times, but that’s family life.  We all shared kitchen duty and child care and after the youngsters were in bed the adults sat on the deck and enjoyed the sea breeze, good conversation and “adult beverages”.

Texas beaches are heavily impacted by seaweed this year.  The variety is Sargassum, and a Texas A&M scientist wrote that the cause of the large amount this summer is due to late season cold fronts that kept it offshore where it grew.  We learned that the seaweed cannot be removed because of environmental restrictions, as it helps rebuild the dunes.  We have all experienced seaweed before from past vacations, but the abundance of it this year was daunting when we first arrived, but everyone dealt with it.  The life lesson that I was reminded of is that if the adults in charge of a situation  behave as if things are manageable then the children follow along.  We are already talking about next year’s beach vacation!


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