Passion Vine


Passion vine blossom.

Passion vine blossom.

At a plant exchange with some neighborhood friends I received a passion vine and an angel trumpet.  Both of those plants have exotic and unusual blooms.  They both become dormant in the winter but return with vigor when the weather warms.

The passion vine (Passiflora) is described as being “interesting for curious flower formation”.  It requires sun and blooms June through August.  My fear is that it’s going to pop up in other places.  I just discovered one in the middle of a monkey grass border!  For me one passion vine is plenty.

My angel trumpet (Datura Arborea) came back from the roots this spring and is already five feet tall.  It too likes sun and is supposed to be drought resistant.  I read that “it’s best used as a specimen tree”.–No angel trumpet hedges.  The blooms vary in color:  white, pink, yellow and look sort of like dangling trumpets.  Again, one angel trumpet is enough for my garden, but it does add interest.  Perhaps it could be considered a thriller–among the fillers and spillers.

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