Ground covers continued


Thyme                                                                                                  Oregano

Well. I wanted to follow up on the sister’s post about ground covers. I do agree that empty space can get filled with weeds. But, I don’t live where there is lots of rain. We have sun, not much rain & DEER!! Also. I redid my beds recently so have quite a bit of space between plantings. I like to put in annuals: vinca in the summer & snapdragons in the winter. They provide a nice touch of color & deer don’t eat them. I am trying out a couple of herbs, thyme & oregano, for filler. Oregano is particularly hardy & spreads nicely. It can get a little tall in spots but very easy to control. I have lots of both in my vegetable garden. I also like the way rocks of all sizes & colors are being used. Very low maintenance & can be very handsome. Also good for a slope where erosion might occur.

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