Needles & pills


With water aerobics, walking and yoga I may have been trying to halt the aging process too aggressively.  I developed a pain that started in my right hip and ran down my right leg.  Susan’s diagnosis:  sciatic nerve pain.  It sort of comes and goes, and sometimes it’s worse than others.  Fortunately my sleep hasn’t been disturbed, and I’m planning to attend yoga class this evening.  I really believe that yoga will eventually help with any low back problems.  Yesterday after Mon. evening yoga, walking and aerobics the following morning, I decided to visit an acupuncturist.  I’m a great candidate for this sort of thing because I’ve always believed in a strong mind/body connection.  I believed it was going to work before the first needle was inserted.

It’s really not unpleasant at all.  Since it was my first visit, I had to answer a lot of questions.  The needles must be very fine because I really didn’t feel a prick.  The acupuncturist attaches something that provides a little electrical current and turns on heat lamps along the sites of the needles.  The most uncomfortable part of the whole thing is putting your face in that padded doughnut when you’re lying on your stomach.   After the treatment I noticed an immediate improvement.

Unfortunately the improvement didn’t last.  After working in my yard (mainly pulling weeds), my right leg was hurting again.  My brother in law, a renowned endodontist, prescribed some over the counter pain medications that have made a remarkable difference.   I’m pain free!

Perhaps acupuncture would have accomplished the same result in time, but when dealing with pain, the quickest fix is my option.


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