In Search of Flexibility



Have you ever tried to gather and coil a garden hose that’s been lying neglected in cold weather.  It’s stiff, not pliable and hard to handle.  That’s what I felt I was dealing with at my first yoga class.  At one time I think I was fairly limber, but I’ve lost my suppleness, my flexibility, my litheness.

My favorite pose was savasana!   (That’s always at the end where you lie on your mat totally relaxed.)  However, the instructor said something I really liked:  “This is not a class of joyless striving.”  That’s good news because “joyless striving” does not sound like fun.  I was encouraged to return to child pose (above) if holding some of the positions was too difficult for me.  Actually getting into some of the positions was too difficult for me!  I may spend quite a bit of time in child pose.

The studio is very pleasant and well equipped.  There were six participants in the class which lasts about 70 to 75 minutes.  I would guess that half of the class is about my age.  I sort of regret giving up the Bikram yoga a few years ago.  Maybe I wouldn’t feel like that old garden hose, but I’m going back Wed. and becoming a yogi!

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