I’ve been looking for a yoga class.  I visited the Y and the city Recreation Center.  The Y offers a class that meets three days a week at noon (weird time), and the Rec Center has a class that meets Mon. evenings.  Somehow the Y wasn’t appealing to me.  Too busy?  Too many people?  The Rec Center’s schedule is too limited for me.  I decided to check online for an area yoga class  and was pleasantly surprised to find one!   The instructor teaches hatha yoga in her home studio.  Hatha yoga teaches yoga postures.  The participant should leave the session feeling longer, looser and relaxed.–Sounds good!

More good news:  I just read in O, The Oprah Magazine, “A Harvard study found that among a group of adults between ages 25 and 55, those who meditated and practiced yoga for about three hours per week over the course of eight weeks showed significant increases in gray matter of the left hippocampus, which helps facilitate our ability to store information and recall it later.”  Wow!  Yoga may compensate for my replacing coffee with green tea!

My first session is Mon. at 5:30.  Looking forward to it!


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