Buying a swimsuit at any age is pretty traumatic with those full length mirrors and unflattering lighting, but buying one when you’re approaching the age of 70 is daunting indeed.  There’s just not enough fabric to hide what should not be revealed–even to my own eyes!  But that’s where I found myself this morning–in the dressing room at Academy.

I bought my seasonal pool pass yesterday and began water aerobics this morning at 8:00.  When I donned my 15-year old swimsuit before heading to the pool, I realized that one of us was past our prime.   The only remedy was to replace the suit!  After all, altering my body is a lengthy and expensive process. I needed a much quicker fix.  After trying on about 10 suits (different styles, different sizes), I bought one.  I must admit that the styles are more varied and easier to wear than the last time I shopped for a swimsuit.  You can still buy a bikini, but the two-piece style with the top that covers the midriff (an absolute necessity) is a good option.

The class is great–refreshing and a pretty good workout.    I’m checking out yoga too, but tomorrow I’m heading back to the pool –in my new swimsuit!

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