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What are you reading?


I recently learned that some people post the covers of books that they are reading on their facebook page.  Doing that could give some insight into that person’s interests and preferences.  Do they read mysteries?  Science fiction?  Historical novels?  Romance?  Non-fiction?

I read a lot.  Sometimes I read books and sometimes I listen to them on Audible.    I happen to be a member  of two book clubs.  In one group we read Christian non-fiction; in the other we usually read novels.  Both clubs meet once a month, and all members have input in the selection of the books.

I just read Michelle’s Obama’s Becoming.  Her leap from a lower middle class family on the south side of Chicago to the White House is pretty remarkable.  I believe she would agree that education, a pursuit that her parents emphasized,  made that leap possible.

Another book that I’ve just finished is Searching for Sunday by Rachel Held Evans, an outstanding writer.  Her search is for a church home to replace the evangelical church in which she grew up.  She recounts with sadness the pain, frustration and confusion that some have experienced in the church.

I also read We Could Not Fail by Richard Paul & Steven Moss.  This is the story of the first African Americans in the space program–courageous men.  I learned it’s no accident that space program facilities are located in Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and Texas.  Lyndon Johnson, president during the glamorous space race,  believed that poverty and racism are tied together.  He thought that alleviating poverty in the south would mitigate racism.  If we take the long view, President Johnson might be right.

I enjoy looking at Barak Obama’s & Bill Gates’ reading lists.  I’ve requested Nickel Boys by Colson Whitehead at the public library, but I’m 34th on the waiting list.  I’ll probably listen to it.  I also want to read American Spy by Lauren Wilkinson.  I’ll look for that tomorrow.

None of these are book club selections.  Maybe I’ll suggest a couple of them.  Happy reading.–  I’ve got to get back to my book.