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Going Green


For some reason I’ve become very attuned to the effects of climate change.  Because of this interest and because I’m a person who believes I personally have a responsibility and the ability to “make a difference”,  I think I need to do what I can to reduce my negative impact on the environment.  With that in mind I ordered a book (used) called The Green Book.  Now, I already recycle and limit my purchase of elaborately packaged items, but I’ve learned I can do more.

I have just unplugged my cell phone charger and TV (when I’m not watching it).  It seems that these items continue to use electricity even though they are not in use.  Who knew?  I believe this is also the case with the computer.

I’m also closing the fireplace damper.  (It’s July.)  Now, I should have known this.  Just failed to do it.  I plan to get rid of my cordless phone with answering machine.  (Of course, disposing of this gadget is somewhat challenging.)    Apparently cordless phones draw constant power during charging and standby modes.

I’ve learned I may have the wrong yoga mat.  I should have bought a mat made from plant based material such as natural rubber, jute or cotton instead of petroleum-derived plastics or other synthetics.  Not sure what I have.

I am not a bottled water drinker.  Shockingly, I drink tap water.  If you want to be sure the tap water in your house is clean, just install a water filter on your faucet or buy one of those filter pitchers to keep in your refrigerator.

I have resisted paying my bills online, but no more.  “If every household paid just its credit card bills electronically, it would save almost $2 billion a year in postage costs.”  Whoa!  That’s a lot of money.  I also registered with a site that removes your name from junk mail senders.  We’ll see if that works.

I think this is kind of fun, and it may make a difference.   It just takes a small group to get a trend going.  Join me!