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We all know that appearances matter.  There are those who are paid quite well to design and create beautiful landscaping, stunning interiors, fabulous flower arrangements, elegant or snazzy table settings, and beautifully presented food.  We are touched by the creativity of those who put these things together so artfully.  We derive pleasure by experiencing their appearance.

So, ladies, what’s happened?  I realize that as we grow older, it’s more to difficult to look great.  Admittedly there are styles we just can’t wear:  sleeveless is out; turtlenecks are questionable, shorts reveal less than good features (those broken veins, yikes!), plunging necklines can be creepy (or is that crepey?) and unfortunately,  form fitting displays a form that’s not what it once was.    However, I just read a quote from RuPaul in O.  He said, “If you have the power to control how people see and interpret you, why not use it?”  Why not indeed?  With that in mind I’m asking how you and I want to be seen and interpreted.  Aging?  Matronly? Grandmotherly?  Carelessly comfortable?   Thoughtlessly clothed, made up and coiffed? Hmmm,  I think not.  How about Tasteful? Attractive? Well put together?  Youthful?  Well dressed?  After all, our appearance affects you and me as well as others.

Admittedly, as we approach or attain the age of 70 these goals are not easily achieved.  It’s much more difficult to find clothes in styles and colors that are becoming, but one of our original premises was to buy fewer clothes but better clothes.  In 2018 I again resolve to do that since I am reminded that I have the power to control how others see and interpret me. — Uh, oh.  About time for hair color.