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Almost a Full Time Job


This blog is titled Women Approaching the Age of 70.  You may have surmised that by now I have attained that age.  Now that I’m over 70 I find that a large part of my time is spent trying to maintain my physical well being.  I walk two or three miles six days a week.  I participate in a yoga class twice a week and plan to join water aerobics again this summer.  I take calcium and vitamin D twice a day along with a multi-vitamin and ester-C.  To support a strong immune system I have a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar (ACV) every morning in a glass of tomato juice.   I drink five cups of coffee every day to ward off dementia. To avoid macular degeneration I take something called Macuguard and wear sunglasses.  I garden quite a bit but work only in the shade.  I haven’t eaten beef in several years.  White potatoes, flour and sugar have been virtually eliminated from my diet.  Carbonated drinks are off limits.  I avoid all fried foods.

Of course I color my hair.  I’m also having a series of three Skin Pen treatments to encourage collagen production in my face.  I just had the second treatment.  I look like a lobster!  I use retin-A religiously and just bought a new tube of sun screen.  I’m blessed with good teeth, but flossing and teeth whitener are mandatory.

I’m very careful about leaving an object in my path since a friend tripped over something in the dark and broke her elbow.  I still clean out my gutters but exercise caution on the ladder.   I have four pairs of readers stashed in my car, home and office.   I should have taken a pair into the nursery.  I thought I was buying a red bell pepper plant.  I later discovered (when I read the small tag) that it’s a mild jalapeno.  At that same time I accidentally (because I couldn’t see) took home a beef steak tomato when I wanted a cherry tomato.  Oh, boy!

As I said, this maintenance routine is almost a full time job.