Archive | July 2016

Freelance Writing


I have recently met a young woman (40?) who is a freelance writer.  I think that’s sort of intriguing.  I began to think about trying my hand at freelancing.  It seems that non-fiction is much more likely to be published.  I immediately found a magazine that solicits articles from amateur gardeners.  Hmmm, I really enjoy gardening, and I could certainly write about what not to do in the garden, but I don’t know that I’m really knowledgeable enough to write a “profile of a single plant species or cultivar, including a personal perspective on why it’s a favored plant.”  (600 words).

The other two subjects that I know about are cooking and cats;  however, it seems that most women don’t cook, and those who do, turn to the internet for recipes and culinary advice.   That leaves cats.

I don’t know if dog lovers or cat lovers dominate in pet preference, but there are a lot of cat people out there.  I have three:  Isabella, Oliver and Stella.  Oliver and Stella team up to capture all sorts of creatures.  Today they brought a long, green-striped snake into the dining room through their cat door.  It may be the same snake they’ve caught twice before.  If so, he’s survived and seems to have grown longer.  I managed to sweep him into a bucket before he slithered under the low (and heavy) hutch where they were taunting him.  I then released him in the neighbor’s flower bed and sternly warned him to stay there.  He could easily be snared again if he returns.