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Resolutions for 2015

What is a resolution?  The act of resolving. The answer to a question; the act of answering; the act of determining. I think of resolutions as goals that I set for myself. I have made resolutions in the past to lose weight, become more fit, eat a better diet, be a better friend. For some reason I have come to the conclusion that I want to spend more time with my friends & family. Maybe that is partially due to losing a couple of friends to heart disease & cancer recently. Definitely as I get older I realize how precarious life is. We really don’t know when we will die. So I want to enjoy & celebrate the relationships that I have:  be they friends or family. My resolution for 2015 is to have friends & family over for dinner very often. I love to cook & entertain & my husband got a smoker for Christmas. What a fun way to cook for friends. I encourage everyone to find ways to share time with others:  visiting, volunteering, serving, singing. Whatever your style, bring joy & laughter to others & it will come back to you!

Christmas 2014

One of the sisters came to celebrate Christmas and also our daughter & her husband from New York. That was very special but in addition we had cousins from down the street & additional cousins from Houston & California.  The cousin from California is 81vn and the youngest is 14. We also have a baby on the way in May: our daughter & son in-law are expecting. It was a wonderful time. The food was great but it was really the fellowship that made the day so special. We talked about everything imaginable: health, family, faith. It is a unique thing with family that we have a shared history. We were all telling family stories that sometimes were familiar and sometimes not. It didn’t matter so much the content of the stories but that the participants were all known & loved by all. One of the cousins remarked that he really doesn’t have anyone to share so freely with in his circle of friends but he feels so loved and accepted that he can reveal himself more. What a wonderful Christmas gift: that feeling of being loved. But that truly is what Christ came to give to us so how appropriate to experience it at Christmas dinner!

Perfect Gifts

Christmas Gifts--Yum!

Christmas Gifts–Yum!


It seems that there comes a time in life when the giving and receiving of consumable gifts seems appropriate and appreciated.  I gave and received those sorts of gifts this Christmas.  I was given tangerines from the Texas valley, pecans from San Saba, Texas, local honey, coffee, homemade apple bread, wine, port, chocolate, tea, hand soaps, a container of narcissus and jars of dip and jam.  I love all of these things!  In turn I gave grapefruit & oranges from the valley,  tamales from a local bakery, toasted pecans, wine, coffee, jam, balsamic vinegar and organic pomegranate juice!

I guess most of my friends and family who are mid-60′s plus, just don’t need or want more things–unless they’re big ticket items which they buy for themselves–a new car, a green egg,  Alaskan cruise or tickets to a Las Vegas or Broadway show.  I sort of like this point in my life.  Certainly things have to be replaced, maintained and updated (bathrooms, kitchens, the house in general,  clothes, shoes, plants in the landscape), but I don’t really need or want to accumulate more objects.  There’s a certain freedom in that circumstance.

Exceptions to the  list of consumable things that one might want to acquire are books, CDs or DVDs. I was very pleased to receive a book on yoga which was on my wish list.  I also purchased an Andrea Bocelli Christmas CD which I’ve enjoyed, and I can’t wait to see the Advanced Style DVD which Susan is bringing for our birthday celebration!

Hmmm, maybe I’m not as free from the desire to acquire things as I thought!  Happy New Year!



Simple Pleasures

Sleeping cats


Evenings, I love them!  A good CD playing, a glass of wine, a cozy fire burning and a cat or two (or three) to keep you company.  What could be better?  I recently got a pick-up load of wood from a reliable source so I’m set for the winter.  I try to gather a little kindling and lay the firewood early in the day so that all I have to do is stuff a little newspaper below the logs and strike a match to get the fire started.    It’s such a pleasure to return from working or from yoga practice to this inviting retreat.

I also love a good cup of coffee or tea in the morning.   Someone gave me a can of Polar Bear tea which is a holiday blend of black tea with cranberries and spices.  I’ll try it tomorrow morning.  Hope it tastes as good as it smells!

According to the Bible, when King Solomon ruled over all of Israel his people lived in safety, every man under his vine and his fig tree.  That’s about the sum of my aspirations–to live in safety under my fig tree.  I’m just glad my fig tree has a fireplace!`