Others will enjoy my garden while we’re gone.


I am running around today getting ready for a trip my husband and I are taking. We leave soon for Normandy to visit the site of the D-Day invasion.
WW II history is my husband’s passion and we are finally going on a trip that he has talked about doing for a very long time. We are not big travelers, my husband works a lot and has never been willing to take long vacations . For some reason I am kind of a homebody. I do like to go places but I fret about my pets and my yard and so have not complained too much about the absence of big trips. Our children have had some wonderful trips and I guess I have been content to hear about their adventures and say, “Oh, we will do that some day.”
Well that day is here. I know that many of you have traveled a great deal, and I honestly believe that travel is broadening. The opportunity to see how other cultures do things, eat the foods and see the sights must cause an individual to view the world differently, with a greater appreciation for the peculiarities and
charms that are encountered. I have been studying my French for how to say,
“Where is the bathroom?”…..”Ou sont les toilettes? ” or ” Je me suis perdu.”….
I’m lost. Mostly though, I am learning to ask for food and wine. Hopefully, we will have many more trips together if I can ever convince him to retire.
Au revoir!!